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G. Paul Nardo

Clerk of the House of Delegates
& Keeper of the Rolls of the Commonwealth

The Clerk of the House of Delegates is elected by the membership of the House. The Clerk is responsible for ensuring that all constitutional, statutory, and policy requirements are followed when the House of Delegates conducts its business. The Clerk also serves as the Keeper of the Rolls of the Commonwealth. In this capacity, he certifies all Acts of the Assembly.The Office of the Clerk is the administrative arm of the House of Delegates. The office maintains official records of all legislative business.These records include: the Journal of the House of Delegates, bill indexes, committee hearing schedules, membership lists, bill status information, and legislative histories. In addition, the Clerk's Office oversees the printing and distribution of bills, resolutions and amendments; assists in the production of the web site; produces and publishes informational brochures; oversees the use of legislative space in the Capitol and General Assembly Building; and handles other official papers and communications of the Legislature.

The staff of the House Clerk’s Office assists the Clerk in processing legislation, preparing all legislation passed by the General Assembly for consideration by the Governor, receiving reports of standing committees, maintaining and publishing a journal of proceedings, and publishing the House Calendars. This office handles matters relative to the scheduling of committee meetings throughout the year and providing notices of such meetings. In addition, the staff provides support to the Members of the House of Delegates in many areas, such as information technology, telecommunications, procurement and logistics, and session personnel.